How to run traceroute (tracert)

Traceroute is command line utility which can help us diagnosing your connection issues. If you are unable to open your website in browser, and you are sure it is not your internet connection issue, then tracert command result should help us in diagnosing the problem source.

To run tracert, you will need to open the ‘Command Prompt’.

Depending on your operating system, here is the process to run tracert command:

– Windows Vista / Windows7: Go to the Start menu, type cmd in the search field and then press Enter.

  • For Windows NT, 2000, and XP: From the Start menu, select Run. Type cmd then press Enter.

From the command prompt type:

tracert <Press Enter>

Please change the with your own domain name on which you are facing the issue.

It may take some time for the command to complete. When you see it is not processing anymore, take a screenshot of the command prompt window and send us the result in email as attachment.

Note: You can also right-click in the command prompt window and choose ‘Select All’ to select and copy text on the screen, and simply paste it in the email.

Self-Signed SSL Certificate

We can install a self-signed SSL certificate for a domain if you need to check the SSL functionality before making the actual purchase.

The certificate installation will require a dedicated IP which is an addon service. On cPanel based packages cost of dedicated IP is PKR Rs. 3,000/year. On WebsitePanel / Windows based packages the cost is PKR Rs. 2,500/year.

Note that the certificate will be self signed and will generate authentication exceptions, so you will need to add exception to your browser.

To order please email us with the domain / hostname where you want us to install the certificate.

How to order a SSL Certificate

To use a SSL certificate on your website you will need to have a dedicated IP on which the SSL certificate is installed.

For any shared hosting package purchased the cost for the dedicated IP is PKR Rs. 2,500/year and the cost for SSL certificate is PKR Rs. 1,000/- So the total cost will be PKR Rs. 3,500/year- There are no charges for the certificate installation.

In case you already have a SSL certificate we can install it for free on your domain name.

To order please email us with the following information:

Host name: (usually or
Country (2 letter abbreviation):
Company Name:
Company Division:

The above information is used to generate the CSR (certificate signing request) used to sign the certificate.


How do I change My Primary Email Address

The primary email address of the account (Client Area) should be kept up to date, because this is where we will send messages about your account.

For security reasons, the primary email address is required to belong to the owner of the hosting account. We assume that the person answering at the primary email address is the owner of account or acting on behalf of the owner.

We do not reply any queries related to an account unless it is sent from the primary email account id.

To change your primary email id. Please follow these steps:

  1. Visit the: Client Area.
  2. Enter your email id and password to login to account.
    If you have forgotten the password you can reset the password by clicking the ‘Request a Password Reset’ link.
  3. Once you have logged in, click the ‘My Details’ link.
  4. Locate the Email Address field and update the email id.