Important Updates Regarding HosterPK PVT LTD

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the date of separation has been delayed. However, we are going forward with the process. We expect to complete this within the next week or two. We will update here as soon as this is done.

As you may know, in July 2019 HosterPK (Sole Proprietorship) and HostNext Technologies (Sole Proprietorship) merged to form HosterPK PVT LTD.

Now after two and half years we have decided to amicably dissolve the HosterPK PVT LTD and splitting into two separate companies. 

Accordingly, HosterPK PVT LTD is being separated into following two entities:

  • HostNext Technologies

Mr. Israr-ul-Haq, HPK PVT LTD will conduct its business under domain name 

Mr. Sohail Asif, HostNext Technologies, will conduct its business under domain

The two companies will start to work as separate entities by the 10th of November (15 days from today i.e. 26th Oct 2021). Please note that this is a complex process, and we have taken every step to make this change as seamless for our clients as possible. 

Rest assured that both of the companies will continue to provide the best possible hosting services to their clients. We understand that this seems to be a difficult decision for many, but we made this considering the best interest of our customers to get uninterrupted and quality of services. 

Although we have done our best to make sure you are least affected. The following is a list of issues you may face:

  • If you have more than one hosting or domain with us, it is possible one of your hosting or domain is with one company and another with the other company (but both new companies will ensure no problems faced to clients from respective hosting providers).
  • As HosterPK PVT LTD is going to dissolve, you are requested to contact us if there is any liability on the company’s (HosterPK PVT LTD) end. For this purpose please contact us before 10th NOV, 2021.
  • The company’s windup process will start from 1st Nov, 2021 – we have also announced this through email to all our current clients, blog, newspapers, and press release at
  • Each company will post new phone helpline numbers on their respective websites after the split.
  • All old bank accounts are being closed. Each company will post new bank accounts on their respective websites after the split. 
  • From November 7th — 10th, 2021, HosterPK (Pvt) Ltd will not take any new orders. However, both companies will provide technical support without any interruption.
  • HPK PVT LTD new office address will be: Off # 208, 2nd Floor, Evacuee Trust Complex, Agha Khan Road F-5/1 Islamabad. 
  • HostNext Technologies will continue to use the previous company address:- LG # 2-3, Plaza # 117, Civic Center, Bahria Town Phase 4 Islamabad 

In case you have any question regarding your domains or hosting services then contact us at [email protected] and after the split by November 10th, reach out to respective companies support accounts. 

We wish best of luck to each other in future endeavors.


After months of deliberations and discussions I am excited to tell our clients that HosterPK has merged with HostNext Web Solutions, another top Pakistan based web hosting company which has been in business since 2005.

We will now be doing business as HosterPK PVT LTD, and will use ‘‘ as our primary domain name.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the esteemed clients who have joined us through HostNext 🙂 My name is Israr ul Haq and I have been running HosterPK from last 10 years.

2ndly to our existing HosterPK clients I would like to introduce my partner Mr. Sohail Asif who has also been in the same business from over 15 years. He has joined as CEO of the company.

Over the last few years both of us have been looking for a partner to grow the business and to be able to better manage the business by providing better services.

Sohail Bhai and I have been working together as a team from last couple of months and it has been a great experience working with him, and I am confident that under his leadership we will achieve new heights in customer satisfaction and business growth.

I will be working as CMO and will hold ceremonious title of co-owner of the company 🙂

What this means for you as client:-

Both HosterPK’s and HostNext’s focus has been on client satisfaction and by combining our resources we are now in much better position to improve our support and services. We have already started working on:

  • Improving our support team,
  • Upgrading servers,
  • Launching new services like enterprise SSD business hosting and Dedicated Servers.
  • We are now PKNIC SRS partner so we will be able to provide PKNIC cards and .PK Domains at much cheaper rates than our competitors.
  • We are already providing unbeatable prices for the domain registration for .com, .net, .info etc and we will be adding support for more TLDs soon.
  • We are also planning to launch servers within Pakistan in the next year.

Further as both companies have been managing our own servers instead of relying on reseller packages (which most of other companies here do), we are in a unique position to combine our knowledge to provide better servers and services than any other company in Pakistan.

In addition to having authority over server management, we have different but complementary strengths in types of skills both companies possess e.g. HostNext has been a corporate focused company with years of experience in cultivating personal relationships with clients while HosterPK has in addition to having large client base and dedicated team of support staff which should result in better services for our clients.

Due to the merger, we are now the top web hosting company in Pakistan, providing hosting services to bloggers, business owners, shops, e-commerce sites and corporate organisations including some of the top brands in Pakistan. e.g. PizzaHut, 92News, NewsOne, Burger King, ICI, NHA and many more.

Further we are now SECP registered Private Limited Company with two partners, which should bring security to you as we are aware of cases where clients lost access to their domains / hosting accounts due to some mishap happening to owner of the company.

What Changes are To Be Expected:-

Changes in Bank Accounts:-

Well we have tried to limit the changes to the minimum, but as with new company formation, we have to update our Bank Accounts so you are requested to use only the bank accounts listed on our payment options page. Currently we support 3 banks (HBL, ABL, Bank Alfalah), but in the coming months we are planning to have more options available including other major banks plus an integrated payment gateway using JazzCash so your payments are processed automatically.

Minor Changes in Packages:-

We will be introducing some new packages as well shortly. We have already introduced business hosting packages listed here. These are pure SSD based packages providing more speed, server reliability, email reliability and so much more.

I am humbled and grateful for the support of our clients over the last 10 years and look forward to working with you so we’re able to provide you even more than we could before, and I can’t wait to show you everything we’ve got in store for you.

HosterPK Prices Revision (Jun 2018)

As we are aware that the USD to PKR exchange rate has increased from PKR 105 on December 2017 (when the last PKR pricing were updated on our site) to now at around PKR 120.

As all our servers / vps / ssl certificates / domains purchases are directly billed in USD so whenever PKR falls we are directly hit with higher pricings, as a result we have to adjust this in PKR pricing. You should see our new hosting pricings on our website and domain pricings here.

Please note that our actual USD pricing has remained the same since 2009 (e.g. USD 17.34 for Plan I). We only changed the PKR pricing from time to time (usually once a year) to match this value in PKR.

Recently the USD to PKR exchange rate is changing a lot so we are moving to a USD based pricing but the will still show the matching PKR pricing as well. This will mean there are no sudden pricing increases going forward and also if the USD to PKR exchange rate goes down, the PKR pricing will be lowered automatically as well.

We thank you for your cooperation and appreciate your understanding.

We would love your thoughts and suggestions, so please use the comments box below to voice your thoughts.

Inodes limits and how to reduce inodes count

An Inode is a data structure used to store the meta data of a file. The number of inodes indicates the number of files and folders you have under your hosting account. All the shared hosting service providers maintain these limits in order to avoid disk abuse as having large number of files on the system causes IO issues resulting in slowness for all the sites on the server.


The implemented inodes limits are:

Soft limit (150,000): If your inode count is 150K, your account will be removed from automatic weekly backups.

Hard limit (250,000): When the inode count reaches 250K, no further files can be added to the account.

If your hosting account usage is normal, you will not need to check the inodes limit, however if your account is creating large number of files automatically sprouting thousands of files within a day then you may hit the inode limit and may require to clean or properly configure your account.

The good news is you can very easily get your account under the limit by following these guidelines:

  1. Delete the unnecessary files and folders under your account
  2. Delete junk or spam emails
  3. Delete cache created by many CMS

You can also contact us and we can provide you with exact location of folder where most of inodes are being used.


Activating and Configuring WordPress Fastest Cache

If you are running a WordPress site, it is recommended to enable the WordPress Fastest Cache plugin as it creates static html pages for your php pages, resulting in much faster page response times.

Plugin can be enabled from the wordpress admin dashboard by simply visiting Plugins -> Add New -> Search Plugins and searching for ‘WordPress Fastest Cache’.



Once Installed and Activated, simply enable the ‘Cache System’ and ‘Browser Cache’ to enable the functionality. You can enable more options as well depending on your requirements.