HosterPK Prices Revision (Jan 2018)

First of all, we thank you for choosing HosterPK for your web hosting needs.

Prices Increase Notification:-

This is to inform you that effective 1st of Jan 2018, we will be updating prices for our web hosting packages and domains. Complete list of new pricing for each product is listed below.

Why are prices being increased:-

Our last price adjustment was back in 2013 when the 1USD was around 98PKR. Currently not only USD rate has gone up, our other business costs have risen considerably.

As we purchase the servers and domains from upstream providers in USD but our prices are in Pakistan rupee, any devaluation in PKR to USD affects our profit margins. Together with increasing business maintenance costs we had to revise the prices to provide same level of support and services.

As you know well, we have never compromised the quality of our products even in the hardest of times. We endeavour to keep going with the agenda of excellent quality and for that an increase in price was a necessity.

Updated pricing grid

Important Notes:-

As we purchase the services in USD, devaluation of PKR affects our costs, so we are moving to USD based pricing (as listed in table above), however the invoices will still be in PKR. If there is too high PKR devaluation, the prices will be adjusted accordingly automatically.

We are already in process of upgrading all our servers to better and more robust hardware with SSD, SAS drives. However our Windows servers still need some work. So for now the prices for the Windows plans will not increase until the issues are fully resolved.

We are also planning to include Backup service as package feature free of cost. Currently it is offered as courtesy service.

We thank you for your cooperation and appreciate your understanding for the necessity of this price increase.

Inodes limits and how to reduce inodes count

An Inode is a data structure used to store the meta data of a file. The number of inodes indicates the number of files and folders you have under your hosting account. All the shared hosting service providers maintain these limits in order to avoid disk abuse as having large number of files on the system causes IO issues resulting in slowness for all the sites on the server.


The implemented inodes limits are:

Soft limit (150,000): If your inode count is 150K, your account will be removed from automatic weekly backups.

Hard limit (250,000): When the inode count reaches 250K, no further files can be added to the account.

If your hosting account usage is normal, you will not need to check the inodes limit, however if your account is creating large number of files automatically sprouting thousands of files within a day then you may hit the inode limit and may require to clean or properly configure your account.

The good news is you can very easily get your account under the limit by following these guidelines:

  1. Delete the unnecessary files and folders under your account
  2. Delete junk or spam emails
  3. Delete cache created by many CMS

You can also contact us and we can provide you with exact location of folder where most of inodes are being used.


Activating and Configuring WordPress Fastest Cache

If you are running a WordPress site, it is recommended to enable the WordPress Fastest Cache plugin as it creates static html pages for your php pages, resulting in much faster page response times.

Plugin can be enabled from the wordpress admin dashboard by simply visiting Plugins -> Add New -> Search Plugins and searching for ‘WordPress Fastest Cache’.



Once Installed and Activated, simply enable the ‘Cache System’ and ‘Browser Cache’ to enable the functionality. You can enable more options as well depending on your requirements.



Enabling Cloudflare for your Domain Name

CloudFlare is a free services that protects and accelerates your site by optimising content delivery and routing traffic through their intelligent global network, blocking hacking attempts against your site so your visitors get the fastest page load times, best performance and enhanced security.

To activate cloudfalre, simply login to your cPanel at: (replace with your own domain name) and under the ‘Software’ section click on ‘Cloudflare’ icon. Them simply follow the steps to enable the free cloudflare service:






How to run traceroute (tracert)

Traceroute is command line utility which can help us diagnosing your connection issues. If you are unable to open your website in browser, and you are sure it is not your internet connection issue, then tracert command result should help us in diagnosing the problem source.

To run tracert, you will need to open the ‘Command Prompt’.

Depending on your operating system, here is the process to run tracert command:

– Windows Vista / Windows7: Go to the Start menu, type cmd in the search field and then press Enter.

  • For Windows NT, 2000, and XP: From the Start menu, select Run. Type cmd then press Enter.

From the command prompt type:

tracert your-domain-name.comĀ <Press Enter>

Please change the with your own domain name on which you are facing the issue.

It may take some time for the command to complete. When you see it is not processing anymore, take a screenshot of the command prompt window and send us the result in email as attachment.

Note: You can also right-click in the command prompt window and choose ‘Select All’ to select and copy text on the screen, and simply paste it in the email.