Increase File Upload Size in PHP using .htaccess

Sometime you may require to upload larger files on the server and you will notice that you are not allowed to upload files that are more than 2MB. This limitation is placed to conserve the server resources, however you can easily modify this setting to allow upload of larger files.

To make the change, locate the .htaccess file on the server and add the following line to it:

php_value upload_max_filesize 20M
php_value post_max_size 20M

The above lines should allow you to upload files up to 20Mb. You can edit the settings to suit your needs.

As always you can always contact us in case you are facing any issues.

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.NET Framework 4.5 Hosting Support with WebsitePanel

I am pleased to announce that HosterPK now supports .NET framework 4.5 under our hosting packages.

Currently .NET 4.5 is supported on our WIN12 server. The update will be rolled out on other servers within a week.

To use .NET 4.5, just update the compilation tag’s targetFramework attribute to targetFramework=”4.5″ so your entry should be something like:

<compilation debug="true" targetFramework="4.5"/>

You should still be able to use .NET 4.0 by changing the targetFramework value back to 4.0.

Note that the WebsitePanel control panel may still show .NET 4.0 as selected framework under the Extensions tab in the Website Properties section. However if you update the compilation tag as described above, your application should run under the new framework.

Microsoft has rolled out .NET 4.5 as an enhancement of .NET 4.0 but it also just overwrites the files in v4.0.xxxx folder. So the upgrade is applied in-place instead of using its own separate folder. You can further read about it here.

Should you need any more info or face any problems, do not hesitate to contact our support.

Switching your website to new hosting company

Follow these simple steps to transfer your website from your old hosting company to a new one (e.g. HosterPK):

Step 1: Purchase the new hosting package from new hosting company.

Step 2: Now that you have two hosting accounts. One from new hosting company and one from old hosting company, all you will need to do is to copy all the data (files etc) from your old server using ftp or file manager and download it and re-upload it on the new server. In case you have purchased from HosterPK, we offer offer this service free with new purchase so we can transfer your site files for you.

Step 3: If you also have databases on old server, take their backups as well and restore the backups on new server. Note that HosterPK offers database backup and restore as well.

Step 4: Now that all the data and databases from the old server are copied to new server, it is time to update the nameservers. Contact your new host for nameserver values if you do not have these available.

Step 5: It will take some time for the nameserver changes to take affect. It can take up to 48 hours. During this time you may see your site loading from the old server. However once the propagation is complete your site should start to work from the new servers.

Step 6: Now that your site is live from new server, decide if you need to have the domain transfer as well from your old host. If you need us to transfer your domain from old registrar to us (so domain and hosting renewal charges both are paid to same company) contact us using email or phone and we will guide you the domain transfer process.

How to run traceroute (tracert)

Traceroute is command line utility which can help us diagnosing your connection issues. If you are unable to open your website in browser, and you are sure it is not your internet connection issue, then tracert command result should help us in diagnosing the problem source.

To run tracert, you will need to open the ‘Command Prompt’.

Depending on your operating system, here is the process to run tracert command:

– Windows Vista / Windows7: Go to the Start menu, type cmd in the search field and then press Enter.

  • For Windows NT, 2000, and XP: From the Start menu, select Run. Type cmd then press Enter.

From the command prompt type:

tracert your-domain-name.comĀ <Press Enter>

Please change the with your own domain name on which you are facing the issue.

It may take some time for the command to complete. When you see it is not processing anymore, take a screenshot of the command prompt window and send us the result in email as attachment.

Note: You can also right-click in the command prompt window and choose ‘Select All’ to select and copy text on the screen, and simply paste it in the email.

Self-Signed SSL Certificate

We can install a self-signed SSL certificate for a domain if you need to check the SSL functionality before making the actual purchase.

The certificate installation will require a dedicated IP which is an addon service. On cPanel based packages cost of dedicated IP is PKR Rs. 3,000/year. On WebsitePanel / Windows based packages the cost is PKR Rs. 2,500/year.

Note that the certificate will be self signed and will generate authentication exceptions, so you will need to add exception to your browser.

To order please email us with the domain / hostname where you want us to install the certificate.